How To Measure
Note all measurements are given in inches

Using a flexible soft measuring tape, NOT with a metal carpenter measuring tape, hold the tape to the points of axis shown in the diagrams below. Wrap the tape around your body at these axis points until it meets itself again, record this number. Note that while measuring, the tape should be taught enough to press against the body, but not too tight that it feels constricting - nor, should the tape be so loose that it falls away. Another method in measuring is to use a string in the same way as a flexible measuring tape & then hold the string recording your measurement to a straight ruler.

If you are wanting to wear your harness over clothing, this will impact the measurement. If this is the case, measure on top of your clothingThere is some give in the measurement as holes are punched in both directions beyond the listed measurement noted by the Size GuideIf sizing within the Size Guide is not offered to your measurements, please choose the Bespoke option & send your exact measurements within the notes section upon placing your order
It is recommended that you choose the best size option that will fit you most comfortably within the Size Guide