Elia Harness

The Elio Harness is made of smooth veg tanned saddlery leather. The Harness curves through the chest and core of the body with two rings at the center. Adjustable straps move from the ring over the shoulder at buckling at the back, leaving the neck open. A strap connects from the bottom ring & wraps around the true waist, buckling at the back. 
Please be aware of all protocol & policy prior to placing an order with Naassene.
All Naassene pieces are handmade to order, unless exclusively marked as Ready To Ship. Please allow 1-2 weeks for a Collar, 2-5 weeks for a Harness, 2-5 weeks for a belt, & 2-8 weeks for a Corset, Bra, Panty, or more intricately patterned piece. *These turnaround times may be extended if order is placed during a Sale or due to COVID-19*

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