Nile Harness

The Nile Harness is made of smooth saddlery leather and features a throughline placement on the body. The Nile Harness fastens with two buckles on either side of the waist to a centrally curved inner piece that runs up the chest and attaches at the back of the neck with a connected collar. The harness is adjustable at either side of the waist, the center, and the back of the neck.
Please be aware of all protocol & policy prior to placing an order with Naassene.
All Naassene pieces are handmade to order, unless exclusively marked as Ready To Ship. Please allow 1-2 weeks for a Collar, 2-5 weeks for a Harness, 2-5 weeks for a belt, & 2-8 weeks for a Corset, Bra, Panty, or more intricately patterned piece. *These turnaround times may be extended if order is placed during a Sale or due to COVID-19*

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